As one of the original graduate schools in the United States, The Catholic University of America possesses a rich legacy of discovery and academic accomplishment in advanced scholarship. The University offers diverse graduate programs in all 12 of its schools. Graduate education is and always has been a key element of Catholic University’s mission. This is reflected in our student population of more than 3,000 graduate students, which is almost half of the total student body.

Our more than 150 program offerings exhibit extraordinary breadth, spanning the disciplines of the humanities, sciences, engineering, social sciences, arts, professions, and ecclesiastical programs, some of which are unique to this University. As a community of scholars, Catholic University fosters a culture of collaboration between students and the faculty. With this collaboration as a touchstone, faculty members and students embrace the search for excellence in discovery that cultivates creativity while encouraging intellectual growth.

Our location in the District of Columbia provides Catholic University students with access to extraordinary resources that augment our own. We are among the 13 universities and two colleges in the area that make up the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. The consortium is a powerful force for the advancement of higher education in and around the nation's capital, with combined library holdings that contain more than 10 million volumes along with many other materials central to scholarly research.

Catholic University is a place where scholarship, innovation, and collaboration merge to create new knowledge. You will find it to be an exciting and supportive environment for pursuing your graduate studies and personal goals.

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    Choose from more than 150 graduate/doctoral degrees and join a community of scholars seeking to discover and preserve knowledge.

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    If the Catholic intellectual tradition is the heart and soul of this University, research is its blood and bones. We offer 22 research facilities and immeasurable opportunities.

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