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The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., is the national University of the Catholic Church. Established in 1887, it was one of the first graduate research universities in the United States and became the principal channel through which the modern university movement entered the American Catholic community.

Priest in classSince its founding it has trained thousands of priests, religious sisters, and bishops. Today it is preparing the next generation of laity and clergy to lead the Church of the future.



Holy Spirit Mass Catholic University enjoys the strong support of the bishops. It is a place where intellect integrates with virtue, where academic freedom and ecclesial authority are in harmony.


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At the Heart of the Church

  • The Catholic University of America is committed to being a comprehensive Catholic and American institution of higher learning, faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ as handed on by the Church. 
  • We prepare the Church’s leaders. All five cardinals currently leading U.S. archdioceses, as well as 95 bishops, and more than 6,000 priests, religious sisters and brothers are CUA alumni.
  • We are educating the next generation of lay leaders for Catholic  parishes. Well formed, thoughtful lay parish leaders will be more and more important in the coming years. 
  • We have played a leadership role in realizing the vision of Ex Corde Ecclesiae, the papal constitution that speaks to the heart of Catholic higher education.