The Catholic University of America

April 4, 2012

CUA to Announce Cardinal Service Commitment Grand Total on Tuesday

A highlight of Catholic University's 125th anniversary celebration on Tuesday will be the announcement of the total number of service hours recorded by the University community for the Cardinal Service Commitment.

The original goal of the anniversary service commitment was reached on Jan. 24, when the total surpassed 125,000. Since then, the service challenge has reached two other milestones, first in mid-March when the students alone exceeded 125,000 hours of service, and last week when the hours of service performed within the city of Washington, D.C. also passed the 125,000-hour mark.

In January, University President John Garvey exhorted the CUA community to "press on with renewed conviction." He added, "Let’s keep serving, and keep counting hours right up until our Founders Day celebration on April 10."

The University community apparently took Garvey's challenge to heart, as the service hours continued to mount during February, March, and the first week of April.

At the Anniversary Celebration at 4 p.m. on Tuesday on the west lawn of the Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center, the CUA community will find out the grand total number of service hours recorded by students, alumni, staff, faculty, and trustees of the University. The automatic  counter on the 125 Years website was removed last week in order to keep the final number a secret until Tuesday's announcement.

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