The Catholic University of America

Cardinal Service Commitment Award

Outstanding Undergraduate Student – Patrick Fricchione


Patrick Fricchione, a sophomore history major, received an undergraduate student Cardinal Service Commitment Award. The award was presented by The Catholic University of America in celebration of its 125th anniversary.

Fricchione contributed 1,065 hours of service to the University's anniversary initiative. Most of his volunteer work focused on the Relay for Life.  His efforts as co-chair of that event helped raise more than $44,000 for the American Cancer Society. Fricchione's service also included planning and participating in service activities through the Catholic University council of the Knights of Columbus, serving as president of the Italian Club, and volunteering as a Cardinal Ambassador.

"Since coming to CUA, I have been introduced to the idea that we are all called to be an apostle to Jesus Christ," he said. "Being an apostle requires going out into the world and doing good out of selfless love for other people."

Fricchione, of Clarks Summit, Pa., said he made his decision to attend Catholic University on his first visit.

"As soon as I came on campus, I feel in love with it," he said. "I really enjoyed the active student life that was present. I also like how Catholic University fully embraced its Catholic identity, which was really appealing to me."

Being involved in service is both challenging and rewarding, according to Fricchione. As vice president of Colleges Against Cancer, he co-led a planning committee of 45 students, making sure that the Relay for Life was well planned down to every detail. In his work with the Knights of Columbus, he  served as the church committee chairman, planning special Masses, rosaries, and a pilgrimage.

"I have been drawn to these types of service because all of these have personally affected me in some way," Fricchione said. "I have had a number of family and friends who have been affected by cancer. They have shown a great amount of strength and courage in their fight.

"As for the Knights of Columbus, I find that the mix of service, charity, unity, fraternity, and faith has been very appealing," he said. "It is nice to know a number of guys on campus who enjoy serving others and are serious about their faith."

Fricchione is not sure about his career goals yet, but he is sure of this: "Whatever I do, I will always keep finding ways to serve others in any way I can serve."


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