The Catholic University of America

March 16, 2012

Students Surpass 125,000 Hours of Service

  Campus Ministry workers
  Students and Campus Ministry staff pose with a sign they put up in the Pryzbyla Center lobby congratulating the students for completing 125,000 hours of service.

Catholic University students have eclipsed the University’s goal of completing 125,000 hours of service in celebration of its 125th anniversary.

The milestone was reached today as student workers in the Office of Campus Ministry were recording service hours from spring break mission trips. As of 10 a.m., the number of student service hours was 125,611 and rising.

“I am astounded and immensely proud of our students,” said President John Garvey.

“When we came up with the idea to try to do 125,000 hours of service, we briefly considered asking the students to meet that challenge by themselves,” Garvey said. “After some consideration, we included alumni, staff, and faculty partly because we thought our relatively small student body would need help achieving such an ambitious goal. Obviously, we were wrong.”

Garvey added, “Our students’ extraordinary commitment to service is an expression of Catholic University’s core mission to be of service to the Church, the nation, and the world.”

The combined University community reached the 125,000-hour goal last month, with alumni contributing about 40 percent of the total. In the past seven weeks, the students have reported so many service hours that the combined total has climbed to 187,307. The final tally will be announced at a campus-wide celebration on Founders Day, April 10.

To date, 1,953 students, 111 staff members, 56 faculty members, five trustees, and 648 members of the Alumni Association have contributed service hours.

The service initiative, called the Cardinal Service Commitment, has united the University community in celebrating its anniversary. Updates on the effort, stories about some of the service activities, and a complete schedule of 125th anniversary events can be found at

“Last month,” Garvey said, “I expressed my great pride in the entire Catholic University community when they achieved the University’s goal of recording 125,000 hours of service. Now, I wish to express my thanks to our generous and unselfish students. They are a credit to themselves, their families, and their University.”

When it was announced in January that the University had reached the service goal, Garvey said, “Let’s keep serving, and keep counting hours right up until our Founders Day celebration on April 10.”

Clearly, the students were listening.